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  • Anger management; Addiction; Assertiveness
  • Bereavement, Loss and other Life-Changes
  • Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Enhanced Self Confidence
  • Relationship Resolution


  • A high level of trust, integrity and professional skill.
  • You will be respected and genuinely valued whilst paying attention to even your most difficult feelings and thoughts.
  • Support and kindness that is balanced with respectful challenge.
  • A real-life and no-nonsense, genuine approach to your personal growth.


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My attitude to Counselling work is simple. I care and have a real passion for enabling my clients to grow.

My aim is to help my clients to identify their problems and to move towards growth. No matter how difficult life feels, there is always a way for us to grow and learn our way back to great health. I am down to earth in my approach and believe that honesty in the counselling relationship is essential for a positive and optomistic outcome. I work at my client’s pace, with the right balance of support and challenge. I am fully committed to bringing my professional skills to the work whilst also allowing my own personality, warmth and humour (where appropriate) to enhance the counselling process. For some people, between one and six meetings with a counsellor can be enough for them to notice a difference and sometimes, this is all that is required. I also offer longer term counselling where appropriate and for people who wish to do more ‘personal development and growth’ as part of their work or studies. Managers and people with high stress jobs are sometimes surprised to discover that small changes that come about intheir counselling work withme can make a big difference to their quality of life at work and in relationships at home. As a professional member of the BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists), I work to their code of ethics and am committed to my continuous professional development.


Iain Mackenzie Counselling A positive approach to a range of counselling issues

I currently work with company executives, management, groups, adults, young people and students within the Newcastle area who may not have a specific ‘problem’ but just need some private space to explore and get some support – or they may be experiencing any of a wide range of emotional difficulties including: Stress/Anxiety/ work load issues Family/Relationship Problems self esteem / confidence/ Alcohol/Drug Abuse Depression Bereavement/Loss Panic Attacks Self Esteem Phobias Bullying Feeling ‘lost’ or ‘out of sorts’ Workplace Stress Pet Loss and Bereavement

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